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Thank you for your interest in becoming an education sponsor. We have a variety of options to consider for sponsorship listed below.

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NRPA Virtual Events

NRPA Online Learning produces several virtual events monthly on educational topics related to our three pillars and providing necessary information regarding our initiatives to members and the public. Virtual events are often timely learning experiences that often come at little or no cost to our members and may provide credit toward certifications and other credentialing. virtual events are conducted live for up to 1 hour in length to an audience that can chat in with questions. Resources and other handouts can be shared with the live audience and other features such as live polling may be employed to increase audience engagement and obtain valuable feedback data. Virtual events are then immediately transitioned into an archive recording that is maintained in the online learning system for an additional year with continued registration. There are three types of virtual event sponsorship to consider:

  • NRPA Educational Virtual Event: Virtual event sponsorships allow for vendors to get their brand in front of targeted audiences while supporting educational efforts produced by NRPA. Sponsored virtual eventss include custom branding within the product, slides, event platform, and in announcement of the event topic and closed captioning services. Links and resources from sponsoring vendors are also shared with the audience along with these virtual event products that remain active for registration for up to 1 year.
  • NRPA Learning Series Sponsorship:NRPA has begun developing learning series on topics such as aquatics and is looking at opportunities to develop other learning series in the future. Sponsoring a learning series is the same opportunity as sponsoring a single virtual event, however there will be greater exposure over more virtual event products and across a greater length of time.
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Vendor Webinars

It is of great mutual benefit to partner with NRPA through a sponsored virtual event. The opportunity allows for NRPA to diversify the topics covered for our members by providing practical information provided by outside organizations. NRPA’s learning manager works with sponsoring partners to plan, produce, and further manage a uniquely branded event experience. This is your opportunity to voice your message to a targeted and captive audience while generating leads. Vendor events do not restrict your content allowing for your organization to perform your sales pitch.

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NRPA Live Virtual Conference

NRPA Online Learning provides an award winning live streamed event during the conference providing 26 curated sessions for this virtual audience. Sessions are maintained in the system for two years to allow continued registration and viewing. This opportunity has been widely attended by those who are not able to travel to the event, those who wish to view sessions they missed at conference, and for those who want to continue to earn credit following the event. NRPA Live will also be producing an annual virtual conference in February that will demonstrate a fully virtual delivery of topics similar to those provided at the annual in-person conference event.

The opportunity allows for NRPA to subsidize the cost of streaming the event and providing accessibility options while keeping the registration costs down for members wishing to participate. The sponsoring organization will have the opportunity to have their logo present within the presentation platform. Between presentations, slides, videos, virtual interactions, or other methods of brand delivery can be introduced. Also, a visible, hyperlinked logo or banner advertisement will be placed within throughout the online learning space associated with the NRPA Live products.

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NRPA Annual Conference Education Sessions

One of the top reasons people attend the conference is for education. We have over 220 sessions that could include your company’s logo! Your brand will be mentioned and displayed in all presentations and signage. Up to four companies may participate in this sponsorship.

Learning Playground

Sponsor some of the most interactive and fun sessions we offer! The Learning Playground is located on the exhibit hall floor and is always guaranteed to draw a crowd. Sponsor will receive recognition at each session as well as signage.

Directors' Corner Sessions

These popular sessions are intended for director and executive-level professionals. Directors' Corner sessions focus on trending issues and challenges facing cities across the country. Sponsor will receive recognition at every session and on signage.

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NRPA Online Courses

NRPAEducaiton is continuing to produce online courses and certificates on a variety of topics from soft skills to topics specific to park and recreation professionals. Online courses are self-paced learning experiences that remain active for registration for up to 5 years. For instance, if you are a dog park equipment manufacturer, wouldn't you want your brand associated with a course or certificate program focused on the planning, design, and maintenance of dog parks? If you have a topic of interest that you wish to attach your branding in partnership with NRPA's production, we are happy to consider a sponsorship agreement tied to these materials.

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NRPA Schools

NRPA produces Directors School, an exclusive two-year professional development opportunity that prepares new and potential park and recreation directors to be effective leaders. Students who complete the program will leave with the knowledge and confidence to face emerging challenges, improve operations and maximize positive impact on their communities. This is your opportunity to get your brand in front of targeted audiences and there are many sponsorship options we can discuss.

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