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One of the main concerns for park managers and facility operators is visitor and staff safety. One safety issue that cannot be overlooked is severe weather. Prioritizing safety issues can be a challenge especially over large areas because severe weather can be an extreme threat to people enjoying outdoor activities. Did you know two thirds of all lightning deaths in the U.S. are associated with outdoor recreational activities? Among all severe weather events, lightning safety is a top priority for parks in the United States. 

Join Alise Flanjack, Deputy Director of Lee County Parks and Recreation Department and Earth Networks Meteorologist Steve Prinzivalli, to learn more about why it is critical to monitor lightning and severe weather events. Find out how Lee County Parks and Recreation utilizes an automated weather intelligence solution to keep visitors and staff safe at their facilities.

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Alise Flanjack

Deputy Director, Lee County Parks and Recreation

Alisa has worked for the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department for over 32 years. She started as a Summer Lifeguard and taught swim lessons. After a few summers, she stepped into a leadership role within the Aquatics programs. In this position, she managed a freshwater beach at a large regional park. She also trained lifeguards throughout the county.

After supervising a couple of Lee County aquatic facilities, Alise moved into a Program Manager position. Her responsibilities in this position included managing the county aquatic facilities, the Park Ranger unit, and the Pro / Am Sports facilities, which included the two baseball stadiums that host Spring Training for the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox. In 2009, she transitioned into the Administrative Manager position, where she focused on the department’s Human Resources responsibilities, Safety and Security, contracts and agreements, and liaison with the County Attorney’s office. The Lee County Parks and Recreation Department promoted Alise to Deputy Director in January 2015.

Steve Prinzivalli

Program Manager, Meteorological Operations, Earth Networks

Steve Prinzivalli is a Meteorologist and Program Manager at Earth Networks supporting Enterprise clients such as NOAA, NIST, National Grid, partners, and researchers with their weather intelligence and data needs. Prinzivalli joined Earth Networks in February 2008 as a broadcast meteorologist, producing weathercasts for both online and mobile platforms while providing forecast support for clients such as the NFL and MLB. He also leveraged his meteorology skills as a product manager with a heavy focus on enhancing the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN) and its derivative products. Steve holds a B.S. in meteorology from Penn State University.

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