10-Minute Walk Planning and Technical Assistance Grant Opportunity

Includes a Live Event on 10/12/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)


October 10th marks one year of the 10-Minute Walk campaign, the movement to ensure there’s a great park within a 10-minute walk of every person, in every neighborhood, in every city across America. As we celebrate the over 220 mayors who have signed onto the campaign, NRPA is opening another round of technical assistance and planning grants. During this webinar we will provide a re-cap on success and lessons learned in the past year and discuss and answer questions about the second call for applications.  Applications open on September 21st, 2018 and NRPA will be awarding $40,000 to 10 cities each for a year-long grant. 

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Rachel Banner

Program Manager at National Recreation and Park Association

As a public health professional its my goal to combine my skills and experience to ensure that everyone has an environment around them that encourages inspiration, well being, health, physical activity and a connection to the community. I am dedicated to reducing health disparities in low-income communities by learning from and helping others make a change in their community environment.

With successful experience building strong partnerships with community based organizations, organizing and managing large volunteer groups, developing communications materials, and conducting research, I have the foundations to help your community or organization advocate for and promote changes in built environments, policies, and systems that encourage healthy behaviors.

I would love to learn about how your organization is contributing to or would like to create a better environment for health!

Jared Mummert

Program Specialist, National Recreation and Park Association



10-Minute Walk Grant Assistance Webinar
10/12/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
10/12/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes This is the webinar component for the event held October 12, 2018.
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