Balancing Safety, Community and Financial Sustainability

Looking toward summer programming and beyond, the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine provides hope that things will be closer to normal. As you prepare to deliver programming at scale, while still living with pandemic uncertainty, there are three critical pieces to address — maintaining participant safety in an evolving landscape, instilling confidence among community members that ‘you’ve got this’ and addressing all this within tight budgets. Join us for this 30-minute webinar, in which ePACT Network’s CEO, Kirsten Koppang Telford, will discuss the issues you may face and offer tactics for mastering this post-pandemic balance act.

Learning Objectives

Following this session, learners will be able to:

1. Evaluate programming safety and limit risk as the pandemic evolves.
2. Consider options to address community concerns around safety as things reopen/scale backup.
3. Understand how automation of health and emergency processes can improve safety and reduce costs.

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Kirsten Koppang Telford

Co-Founder & CEO


Kirsten Koppang Telford is Co-Founder & CEO of ePACT Network an online health and safety network that helps community organizations, municipalities and businesses across North America prepare for, and respond to, emergencies ranging from scraped knees and bee stings to forest fires and the COVID-19 pandemic.


For 25 years Kirsten has worked with local governments across North America and Europe to envision and implement technology that improves lives.

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