Ditch Your Marketing Plan: Growth Hack Instead

Recorded On: 09/28/2017


The marketing landscape shifts so rapidly that a rigid marketing plan can quickly leave you struggling to keep up. So scrap your marketing plan and learn how growth hacking techniques from Silicon Valley start-ups, including data analysis, marketing automation, user-experience design and design iteration, can lead to more effective marketing, higher participation and increased revenues, all without breaking the budget.

Session outcomes:

  • Learn how to user marketing automation tools to improve marketing efficiency and user experience.
  • Learn how marketing can be used in each phase of the user-experience cycle of Discover, Decision, Delivery.
  • Learn how to use design iteration and reporting to create a flexible marketing strategy.

Ian Everett

Marketing Communications Manager, Milwaukee County Parks

Ian has twelve years marketing experience and eight years experience in parks and rec. He has previously spoken at NRPA and at Illinois and Wisconsin state conferences. Ian has also been published in Parks & Recreation magazine & Howdesign.com on marketing topics. Ian is also a freelance branding consultant for entrepreneurs and start-ups across the globe.

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