eSports 101: Just What the Heck is eSports and Why / How Should My Agency Participate In It?

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The fastest growing sport today might just be "eSports". It has morphed from a participant sport for people playing video games to now having millions of players and even more 'viewers' all over the world. In addition, brands are investing heavily in sponsoring it and teens and youth populations (the hardest audience for a park and recreation agency to target) are heavily engaged in it. 

This session will share insights into the world of eSports, its participation and revenue growth story, share case studies of agencies who are starting to dip their toes in it and ways in which agencies can consider entering the world of eSports themselves.

Learning Objective: 

Learn about the growth of eSports and identify ways in which they can explore providing eSports as an offering in their agency.

Session Length: 20 minutes (Speed Session)


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Neelay Bhatt

Vice President

PROS Consulting, LLC

Neelay’s career on five continents includes Disney, The Super Bowl, The Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games and a curating, coaching and presenting multiple TED workshops and TEDx talks. He has keynoted globally from USA to China, Europe and New Zealand. As the VP at PROS Consulting INC., he has led 125+ strategic / master planning, sports facility development projects globally.

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