Expanding Local Park Programs: Free Fly Fishing for Disabled/Elderly Veterans

Veterans today suffer greatly from mental health and suicide. These especially are relevant to veterans who are disabled (combat or otherwise), elderly, or suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or MST (Military Sexual Trauma). The creation of a public-private partnership with veteran organizations, local Trout Unlimited chapters, and local park and recreation agencies allow local communities to offer non-standard programs at little to no cost that leverage resources not usually available to local park and recreation staff. The benefit of such developed programs helps targeted groups, in this case, disabled or elderly veterans, to get out of the house or apartment and reconnect socially with others, as well as learn lifelong skills that may help veterans and promote positive mental health outcomes.

Learning Objectives

Following this session, participants will be able to: 

  1. Effectively target and identify the issues that exist within local communities of disabled/Elderly Veterans to include PTSD/MST or combat disabled Veterans.

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Jim Lindenmayer


Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program/American Legion

Jim is a 1980 graduate of the West Point and served in the Army for 13 years. He grew up in Up State New York where he learned to fish and hunt at an early age. He serves as the Service Officer for the Canton Ga American Legion, Director of the Cherokee County Homeless Veteran Program, and is a member of the TRIAD SALT and Cherokee County Suicide taskforce.

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