How HIPAA Applies to Your Recreation Agency

Recorded On: 08/21/2019


As a park and recreation department, you may only collect basic details like contact information and dates of birth at registration, but you might also collect additional details like medical history, so you can support participants in a crisis.  Whether you’re required to be HIPAA-compliant or not, being aware of the guidelines set out by HIPAA ensures your organization gives the proper attention to privacy and security so that participant data is always protected.

NRPA Education online learning content is accessible for 180 days from the date of your registration.  The learning content is available for registration for one year from the date of origination.

Meggi Mah

Account Executive, ePACT Sales Team

Meggi is an Account Executive and a core member of the ePACT Sales Team. Meggi works closely with recreation organizations, like Parks & Recreation Departments and YMCAs, across the United States and Canada. Her passion for helping people along with her sales and customer service background ensures she helps recreation organizations enhance safety for program participants throughout the year.

Components visible upon registration.