How to Handle a Parks & Recreation PR Communications Crisis

Recorded On: 09/26/2017


Parks and recreation departments are often faced with public relations crises. Any crisis can turn into a potential public relations disaster. The universal factor governing all crises is that they all require detailed and continually updated preparation and practice. A crisis is any event that causes people to have to react to a situation. It can be acute or chronic, good or bad. How it is handled in the media can have a tremendous impact, either positive or negative, on their organization. These are significant unexpected or unwanted events or issues that threaten to harm the organization's brand, reputation and/or its employees, customers, clients and other key audiences and stakeholders. Through real-world examples, Steve will demonstrate best practices on how to successfully handle a public relations crisis in your department to preserve your reputation in the community.

This session, will: 

  • Analyze how to handle a public relations crisis in their departments. Participants will be given real-world examples of PR crises and given the opportunity to determine how they could respond. 
  • Discuss effective strategies to cope with a public relations crisis in their departments.
  • Prepare participants for a public relations crisis by giving them a plan they can implement at their own cities and counties.

Steve Stoler

Director of Media Relations, City of Plano, TX

Steve is a 34 year veteran of Broadcast Journalism and has served as the City of Plano's Director of Media Relations for 3 years. He worked at seven different television stations in Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas. With his vast experience working as a member of the news media, and now, working in municipal government, Steve has a unique perspective on communications that few people have. Steve recently designed two crisis communications plans for the City, one for disasters and other emergencies and the other for public relations crises. Steve also conducts a myriad of media training classes for City employees and statewide organizations.

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