Innovative, Inexpensive, and Interactive Aquatic Programs: Improving and Developing Programs for Success!


Stuck in a rut? Looking for new program ideas for your aquatic facility? Want to update current programs to bring in new customers? Don’t have a lot of money to spend? Want to keep both your participants and staff excited and motivated? In this session, participants are provided with a plethora of programming ideas that range from simple to complex in order to generate and maintain participants’ interest in their aquatic facility. 

Ideas are shared that meet the needs of aquatic operators from a wide variety of facilities. Session participants will be given the tools they need to introduce their patrons to novel programs that re-invigorate their interest in their local aquatic facility. Marketing techniques and tips for re-developing current programs are provided. Finally, techniques for developing staff excitement and buy-in of new programs are reviewed and discussed.

Session Length: 1.25 Hours

Credit: 0.1 (Group B eligible)

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Dr. Keith Fulthorp

Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Keith has over 20 years of experience with in the recreation profession, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Cal. State Long Beach. His presentations focus practical applications of evidence based practice, specifically in team building and recreation management.

Dr. Laurel Richmond

Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Richmond is a faculty member at California State University, Long Beach. Her research interests include access to leisure spaces.

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