Intentionality in Aquatics — Dodge, Dip, Duck and Dodge

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This webinar examines the importance of being intentional in what park and recreation professionals do, with a focus on three topics: staffing, change management, and diversity in aquatics. Park and recreation professionals have all become experts in pivoting, adapting and turning on a dime. This is an opportunity to slow down for a minute and think about how to approach your changing world with intention and purpose, even if you have to do it on the fly!

This session is eligible for 0.1 CEU and qualifies for AFO Group B credit.

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Sandy Kellogg, MSOL, AqP, AFOi, CPP

Aquatic Director


Sandy Kellogg has been working in aquatics for twelve years, guarding from the chair, teaching from the deck, leading the lifeguards and managing an indoor aquatic venue. Along the way she earned her MSOL and became a CPP, WSI, AFOi, EA guard and instructor and an AqP. She has spoken around the country at many conferences on many topics.

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