Living STEAM Laboratories, Mitigating/Adapting to Climate Change


The natural resources of Parks & Recreation are an invaluable defense to climate change. This conference session is an interactive discussion for Parks & Recreation professionals designed to jumpstart “Living Laboratory” programs within their agencies. These programs showcase the innovative ways parks and their partners can adapt to the world’s environmental issues and raise conservation awareness. With parks as the venue, educators can engage students using hands-on, experiential, research-based STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) curricula to foment a new wave of environmental leaders. The successful implementation of these programs will position parks as incubators for the environmental revolution needed to mitigate climate change.

Session Length: 1.25 Hours

Credit: 0.1 CEU

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Dr. John Pipoly

Project Coordinator, STEAM/Environmental Education, Volunteers and Grants, Broward County Parks and Recreation

Dr. Pipoly received a Ph.D. in systemic biology from City University of New York. John has published nearly 150 original research papers among internationally peer-reviewed journals. His work is to enhance STEAM as well as environmental education for sustainable development, and to promote the use of Broward County Parks and nature centers as venues for innovative experiential learning.

Attiyya Atkins

Public Communication Specialist, Broward County Parks and Recreation

Attiyya is a veteran digital marketer with a degree from the University of Florida. She is a valued thought leader in social media and digital media marketing, responsible for skyrocketing Broward County Parks & Recreation digital presence. Through people-first methods, Attiyya has been able to create marketing, digital, and engagement campaigns that create truly engaging experiences in parks.

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