New Grant Opportunity: Increasing Access to Healthy Food in Parks


Join the NRPA Health and Wellness team to learn more about a new grant opportunity benefiting local parks and recreation! For decades, parks and recreation have been one of the largest providers of healthy meals to children in low-income communities through the USDA child nutrition programs, working to address hunger, provide nutrition education, and keep youth safe and engaged during out-of-school times. Building off of this strong foundation and the existing strengths of local park and recreation agencies, NRPA will be providing 15 grants ($30,000-$35,000 each) to organizations focused on expanding the role and capacity of local parks and recreation to improve food access across diverse communities and generations by piloting and evaluating three innovation strategies:

  1. Farmers Markets: Starting or expanding farmers markets and/or community supported agriculture (CSA) programs at P&R sites to increase access to healthy, fresh, and local produce.
  2. Intergenerational Meal Programs and Adult Care Component (Older Americans Act Title III): Starting or expanding intergenerational meal programs through the USDA CACFP and HHS congregate nutrition programs that address the nutritional needs of vulnerable youth and seniors, and foster opportunities for nutrition education, mentorship and social engagement for youth and seniors. 
  3. Improving Transportation: Addressing transportation and infrastructure barriers in communities (rural, suburban or urban) by piloting models that leverage existing resources and assets, building partnerships, and utilizing volunteers or innovative systems to transport kids to sites.

 Webinar will cover grant goals, eligibility, requirements, and provide examples of projects NRPA is looking to support. For more information about NRPA grant opportunities and open applications visit:

Allison Colman

Director of Health, National Recreation and Park Association

Allison Colman is the Director of Health for the National Recreation and Park Association on the Health and Wellness team.  Allison joined NRPA in 2015 and oversees the out-of-school time portfolio, including NRPA’s Commit to Health campaign and efforts to reduce childhood hunger through the USDA Child Nutrition programs. Allison also manages NRPA Parks for Inclusion initiative. Prior to joining NRPA, Allison worked in the recreation field facilitating health and wellness programs across all populations.  Combined with her work in other non-profits and organizations, Allison has extensive experience in public health and wellness program management and preventative health initiatives.   

Maureen Acquino

Program Manager, National Recreation and Park Association

Maureen Acquino is a Program Manager for the National Recreation and Park Association. As a part of the Health and Wellness team, she focuses on healthy out-of-school time programming and inclusive practices in parks and recreation. 

Lesha Spencer-Brown

Program Manager, National Recreation and Park Association

Lesha Spencer-Brown is a Health and Wellness Program Manager at the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), working to improve the health and wellness of older adults through parks and recreation for the past year. She currently manages NRPA's Health Aging in Parks initiative that aims to increase physical activity opportunities for older adults, primarily through dissemination of evidence-based programs, community and social engagement opportunities and built environment enhancements that support active lifestyles among older adults. Lesha received her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Community and Family Health- Socio-Health Sciences from the University of South Florida, and has over 8 years of experience in the field of public health, specifically in health promotion, disease prevention and social determinants of health. 


Grant Information Webinar
02/12/2019 at 2:00 PM (EST)   |  60 minutes
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