Recreation Employee Conversations (REC): One-on-One Check-Ins

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Can you say your workplace culture values actionable feedback, staff development, and personal connection if you don't have uninterrupted time to give your staff and volunteers the floor to share their work experiences? In 20 minutes, learn to develop a five-question "listening" system that will allow you to check-in with your part-time staff (one-on-one and in 10 minutes or less!) and hear in their own words about their workplace wins, current challenges, operational suggestions, peer contributions and suggestions for leadership (that's you!). Leave with a five-question template to take and tweak as well as master documents to set up your sessions, explain the impact to staff and volunteers, and organize and collect your data.

Learning Objectives

Following this session, learners will be able to:

  1. How to create 1x1 feedback based check-in sessions with your part-time staff and volunteers.
  2. How to use a series of questions to gather feedback from their perspective. 
  3. Rework questions to fit your organization and the individual in front of you to elicit a valuable response.


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Kate Connell

City of Iowa City

Kate Connell is an advocate for equity in recreational water use and has assisted in providing free swimming lessons, safety education, and accessible pool events. Kate leads trainings and conversations on equitable aquatics, staff training, and humanness through leadership. Kate also is experienced in private recreation as a yoga teacher trainer and author of The Art of Teaching Private Yoga.

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