Speed Sessions Bundle

imageThis product contains the speed sessions that were streamed and recorded from the NRPA 2018 Annual Conference. Included in this bundle are the following:

NRPA Live 2018 Speed Sessions Volume 1

  • Parks and Recreation: The New Status Symbol
  • WE GOT ENGAGED! Tips for Communicating Effectively with your Part-Time Workforce
  • If You Don't Feed the Supervisors, They Eat the Staff.

NRPA Live 2018 Speed Sessions Volume 2

  • Fantastic Female Recreation Leaders and Where to Find Them
  • The Public's Health Agency: Parks and Recreation's Critical Role in Communities
  • Unlock your Fundraising Future: 10 Rules for Attracting - and Sustaining - Donors to your Mission
  • NRPA Live 2018 Speed Sessions Volume 2

    Contains 8 Component(s), 0.1 credits offered

    This product includes 3 speed sessions recorded from the NRPA 2018 Annual Conference: Fantastic Female Recreation Leaders and Where to Find Them; The Public's Health Agency: Parks and Recreation's Critical Role in Communities; and Unlock your Fundraising Future: 10 Rules for Attracting - and Sustaining - Donors to your Mission

    imageThis product includes 3 speed sessions recorded from the NRPA 2018 Annual Conference:

    Fantastic Female Recreation Leaders and Where to Find Them

    Female contributions to recreation, parks and open space in our country are far-reaching and often underrepresented in the national conversation about the future of our parks and recreation spaces. This session will highlight women who have influenced land conservation, social equity, and health and wellness in our communities, like Dorothy Enderis, who in the early 20th century advocated for leisure as a necessary element of mental and physical well-being and Cora Masters Barry who founded Recreation Wish List which geared towards teaching urban youth how to play tennis and engage them in team sports. The session is meant to provoke meaningful discussion that highlights strong females devoted to positive impact on their communities.

    Engage the Silent Voices

    As stewards of community resources, charged with providing services to all residents, we ask: What segments of your community have “silent voices”? Does your entire community feel the services are fair and equitable, and that you’re meeting their needs? Who are you not serving, and how do you know you’re not serving them? Explore some ‘pulse strategies’ and create a plan that helps you listen to and engage with the diverse perspectives in your community.

    Unlock your Fundraising Future: 10 Rules for Attracting - and Sustaining - Donors to your Mission

    In a time of ever-shrinking budgets, many public agencies are considering how they can tap into America's culture of philanthropy to diversify revenue and achieve their mission. From partnering with external "friends" groups, to hiring professional fundraising staff, to establishing a 501c3 supporting organization, there are many models for turning your users into life-long donors, advocates, and ambassadors for your mission. But which is right for you? And what messages inspire people to give beyond their tax dollars? This session will present 10 rules for establishing - and growing - a vibrant donor community to take your agency to the next level.

    Dannielle Wilson

    Consultant, DW Recreation Consulting

    Dannielle Wilson, owner and senior consultant, has worked as a practitioner for three park and recreation agencies, two special districts, and one municipal department. With undergraduate and master’s degrees in recreation administration as well as continuing education experiences like NRPA’s Revenue Development and Management School, she backs up her nearly 15 years of practical experience with a solid educational foundation. Dannielle has served in senior leadership roles at two organizations and has, since 2016, consulted on over a dozen projects for agencies across the nation.

    Rebekah Snyder

    Chief Development Officer, Lake County Forest Preserve District

    Rebekah Snyder is chief development officer of the Lake County Forest Preserve District and executive director of the Preservation Foundation, an independent 501c3 charity with a mission to extend and accelerate the Forest Preserves impact. In this capacity, she is responsible for all aspects of raising charitable support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies, including board and committee management, budget and program development, the Annual Fund, grant-writing, capital campaigns, and major and planned giving. Rebekah is a member of the District’s senior management team, reporting to the Lake County Forest Preserves Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors of the Preservation Foundation.

    Prior to joining the District, Rebekah was associate director of development for the Illinois Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and senior development officer at the Chicago Botanic Garden. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in environmental studies from Yale University. 

    Rhiannon Sinclair

    Urban Planner, Agency Landscape + Planning

    Rhiannon is an urban planner with Agency Landscape and Planning, a women-run business which works with diverse and innovative public organizations across the country. She has considerable experience communicating communicating information to broad audiences to promote strong community exchange and empowerment within a planning process. She has worked with many driven women leaders in the recreation field, including Howard County, Maryland and Greensboro, North Carolina. She helped facilitate the NRPA Innovation Lab in Boston and will speak on the topic of diversity at the National ASLA conference in October 2018. Rhiannon has a bachelor degree in architecture from Philadelphia University and a master degree in city and regional planning from the University of Pennsylvania. 

  • NRPA Live 2018 Speed Sessions Volume 1

    Contains 6 Component(s), 0.1 credits offered

    Three speed sessions streamed from the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference: Parks and Recreation: The New Status Symbol; WE GOT ENGAGED! Tips for Communicating Effectively with your Part-Time Workforce; and If You Don't Feed the Supervisors, They Eat the Staff.

    imageThree speed sessions streamed from the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference:

     Parks and Recreation: The New Status Symbol 

    There's no doubt that our society's definition of status has shifted from what you own to what you do. More than ever before consumers are driven to spend money on exclusive and elevated activities. Parks & recreation couldn't be better poised to take advantage of this experienced-based economy, but often falls short in showcasing our parks, programs, and facilities as the status-worthy opportunities that they are. Learn about the trends fueling this consumer behavior and get inspired with ideas you can adapt in your community.

    WE GOT ENGAGED! Tips for Communicating Effectively with Your Part-Time Workforce

    This speed session will focus on tackling the challenges of effectively communicating with large numbers of part-time employees in an efficient manner that encourages collaboration, mentorship, and employee development. Attendees will learn about the benefits of creating a part-time advisory council, embracing the unique talents found in a diverse department, and exposing the part-time workforce to the varied and wide-ranging careers that can be found under the Parks and Recreation umbrella. Discussion topics will include lessons learned from an array of communication and efficiency barriers and tips to prepare for the future of increased service demands while balancing staff challenges.

    If You Don't Feed the Supervisors, They Eat the Staff

    As an administrator you must create a culture of nurturing and identifying talents in order to FEED the supervisors and allow them to grow into successful and effective leaders. They must be encouraged to take risks and act as coaches and mentors to their staff. They must ask, guide, communicate, encourage, and delegate while being the best sideline cheerleaders they can be. Come learn the recipe needed to ensure the success of your team. Hear the story of how a change in leadership style changed the culture of an entire Division. Join me in my quest to save the staff FROM BEING EATEN and leave with ideas that can be implemented easily in your own organization.

    Bobbi Nance

    Recreation Results

    Bobbi is the President of Recreation Results. Recognized as a national leader in performance measurement and innovation, she partners with parks & recreation agencies across North America to help them find value in their data, streamline processes, and focus on the 'why' instead of the 'what.' Bobbi has 15 years of experience working in the field of parks and recreation and has been featured in national magazines, blogs, and podcasts, and presents workshops across North America where she is known for breaking down complex and buzzwordy concepts into approachable and practical advice that participants can put to use right away.

    Adam Blackmore

    Recreation Superintendent, City of Henderson Public Works, Parks and Recreation

    Adam is the Recreation Superintendent with the City of Henderson Department of Public Works, Parks & Recreation in Henderson, Nevada. In this role he oversees all Recreation Division operations including aquatic operations of 10 facilities, outdoor recreation, city special events, youth and adult programming, senior services and recreation center operations for 8 centers. The position manages 65 full-time employees and 500-1,000 part-time staff depending on the season.  He previously served as the President of the Nevada Recreation and Park Society and was on the Southern Nevada Children’s Drowning Prevention Coalition Board of Directors. Blackmore has been in the recreation industry for 12 years working in both the public and private sectors, respectively. Current certifications include National Recreation & Park Association Certified Parks & Recreation Executive (CPRE) and National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator. Previously he held the positions of Director of Water Resort Operations with CoCo Key Water Resorts and Assistant Aquatics Manager for Plainfield, IN Parks and Recreation. Blackmore received his Master of Arts degree in Sports Management from Indiana State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration from Missouri Western State University. He has presented at the National Recreation & Park Association Congress on multiple occasions, the World Waterpark Association Symposium, Association of Aquatics Professionals Conference and the Nevada Recreation and Park Society annual conference.

    Shannon Keleher

    Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Frisco

    Shannon Keieher has been working in both recreation and education for approximately 20 years. Keieher earned a BA in Elementary Education, a MBA, and most recently a PhD in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Research and Evaluation Methods at the University of Florida; GO GATORS! Keieher holds multiple professional certifications including a CPRE.  Keieher's areas of research and interest currently include data driven decision making, the power of play in the workplace, the efficacy of equine psychotherapy with female trauma survivors and the science of storytelling. Keieher is also a published author and has experience speaking locally, nationally and internationally.