Suicide Talk; a Conversation to Create Awareness


Suicide is a community, health issue. Current statistic show that veterans, white men 65 and older, LGBTQ and teens as some of the highest risk groups. However, research also tells us that depression, one of the leading contributors to suicidal ideation, can be reduced with physical activity. Additionally, the ability to make connections with other people also reduces risk. 

Although suicide can be a very scary and difficult topic for many people to discuss, only an open and honest conversation about the issue of suicide helps remove the stigma and taboo. Every single person can participate in this type of conversation which helps to create a strong, positive community that encourages ‘help-seeking’ behavior for people that might be at-risk.

Session Length: 1.25 Hours

Credit: 0.1 CEU

Lori A. Hoffner

Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Consultant, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.

Five Rivers MetroParks

Since 1997, Lori A. Hoffner has worked with multiple community organizations, agencies and programs, providing information, training and consultation.  Her work of positive relationship building supports both internal and external customer relations which ultimately impacts the financial bottom line of any organization.   

For eight years, Lori served as an elected official as a member of the Board of Directors of a local park and recreation district in Colorado.  During the time that she served in that capacity, she helped to shape decisions and policies relevant to the organization that enhanced relationships between the staff, Board of Directors and community at large. Serving as the Citizen Representative for the Parks and Recreation Mid-West Council, Lori has participated on the NRPA national forum and has encouraged national, state and local leaders to recognize the value and importance of parks and recreation in the communities they serve.  
By providing educational workshops that provide philosophies and examples of support, cooperative relationships and recognition, Lori is matching the needs of organizations with information and researched practices that motivates individuals to implementing ideas immediately. Lori has a great deal of fun with her audiences, engaging them in thought provoking exercises and encouraging intentional, positive practices every day.

Additionally, Lori provides training to adults and youth surrounding the issue of suicide prevention and intervention and is a Consulting ASIST and SafeTALK trainer.  She has her B.A. in Psychology and is a former member of the Jefferson County Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors.

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