The Ecological Age: Ushering a New Age for Parks in the Face of Climate Change

Recorded On: 09/28/2017


Climate change has overwhelmingly been recognized as one of the most urgent threats to our communities and our environment. Parks play a unique role in providing respite, infrastructure, adaptation and mitigation strategies for urban communities. The focus on climate change and adaptation provides a unique opportunity for a new ecological era for parks with a focus on investment in restoration and protection of natural areas.

The urgent need to address climate change coupled with parks unique role in addressing the effects of climate change provides a unique opportunity to position parks to emerge as leaders and usher in an ecological era where government, business, and all stakeholders invest in the protection and restoration of parklands as a means of adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change.


  • How to communicate the value of parks and role in climate change adaptation; 
  • Funding strategies to facilitate restoration and natural resource management; and
  • Balancing ecological restoration with infrastructure services and outdoor recreation.
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