Time Out! Let’s Talk About Sports Safety

Recorded On: 10/15/2018

imageAny recreation department managing sports programs understands the importance of making sure that participants are safe while they’re having fun. Whether you’re on the pitch, the ice, or the field, safety is always top of mind. As the end of the year approaches, recreation organizations everywhere prepare for, and host, Fall and Winter sports programming. Besides the obvious tasks, you and your staff are responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for participants of all ages. Join ePACT as we uncover the impact your day-to-day processes have on the well-being of your participants, and share common challenges that can impact safety in the event of an emergency. 

Wagner Veneziano

Account Executive, ePACT Network

Wagner Veneziano, Account Executive, ePACT Network – Wagner is an Account Executive and a core member of the ePACT Sales Team since 2015. Wagner works closely with recreation organizations, like Parks & Recreation Departments, YMCAs, and camps, across the United States and Canada. He’s a keen sports enthusiast both on and off the field, with a love of soccer, football, and baseball, to name a few, and, combined with his sales and marketing background, he helps recreation organizations enhance safety for program participants throughout the year.


Let's Talk About Sports Safety Webinar
10/15/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
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