Trend Seekers

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Trends. We all seek them. Just hearing that single word -trend- ignites a desire to know what the next best/bigger/better/bolder “thing” will be and sends people clamoring to get their hands on it first. How do you seek out new trends? If the crystal ball on the corner of your desk needs new batteries, this session is for you. Join us for a high-energy, information-filled, leave-you-with-your-mind-spinning session. First we’ll explore where to find and identify trends. Then we’ll dive into a rapid-fire listing of current trends, hot topics, and potential future trends in a variety of parks and recreation facets. Unleash your inner Trend Seeker in this thought-provoking session!

Learning Objective: 

Analyze the relevance of a trends listing to their agency’s current service menu.

Session Length: 20 minutes (Speed Session)


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Dannielle Wilson

Consultant, DW Recreation Consulting

A practitioner and consultant in the recreation industry, Dannielle brings strong analytical skills and innovative strategic thinking to clients nationwide. She offers a fresh approach and real-world solutions, with a constant focus on revenue management, process improvement, and a philosophy of customer-centric decision making. Email Dannielle:

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