Using Technology to Advance Equity

This on-demand recording will be available on September 6, 2022.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Asset Management and Work Order (AMWO) Equity Project, led by Seattle Parks and Recreation, had an initial goal: help staff set equity-driven goals that could be used to prioritize routes, restructure existing routes, and plan out crew projects in historically marginalized communities. Through the development of a GIS mobile app, frontline staff could utilize the data and technology at their fingertips to achieve the equitable outcomes they were seeking. Join Jordan Ng and Jason Vining-Nakamura as they talk about the development and integration of their mobile app in addressing disparities in park maintenance.

Teaching Objectives:

  1. Speakers will discuss the creation and development of the GIS AMWO project and how it came to be.
  2. Speakers will highlight the impact of their technology on reaching equitable outcomes, specifically when it comes to maintenance allocation.
  3. Speakers will provide a brief demonstration of their app and how it can influence help agencies better serve historically marginalized communities.

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