VOTE! How to Plan a Successful Bond Program

Recorded On: 09/28/2017


Once community leaders identify the need for a new recreation center, how do they get voter support? This session reveals it’s not such a mystery, and there are indeed proven strategies behind successful public outreach programs. Through a series of recent case studies, this session outlines the key steps community leaders must take to gain support for a bond issue on a ballot measure in order to fund a new community recreation center.

One of the biggest obstacles for most community leaders, including those in parks and recreation departments, is they’ve never gone through the seemingly complex process of planning and designing a building and have no idea where to begin. Through a simple breakdown of this process into a step by step methodology, parks and rec departments can understand what they need to do in order to successfully plan, design and build a new recreation center when their communities have the opportunity.


  • Identify the steps in a successful process to gain community support for bond ballot measures;
  • Facilitate a feasibility study to understand a community's need and develop a program and building design accordingly; and
  • Use graphics and a successful media relations plan to communicate with voters and garner support.
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