Water Wisdom: Planning, Designing and Maintaining Water Play Destinations

Recorded On: 09/28/2017


Water is a powerful medium that naturally inspires us to play and interact together, while offering a variety of choices for how users enjoy and engage. Celebrate the many research-based health benefits of water play, and empower communities to effectively champion water play initiatives. Discover design strategies that thoughtfully address child development and key considerations in the planning, design and maintenance phases of your project to create a beloved community destination.

Water play has an immense appeal to people of all ages. It is therapeutic nature and encourages active interaction and sensory exploration. Water is beautiful to look at, calming to listen to, and wonderful to touch. Many parks and recreation facilities plan to open upcoming water play destination and they are seeking best practices and knowledge to effectively advocate the benefits, address challenges, and thoughtfully plan, design, fund, maintain, and sustain these community assets.


  • Summarize the need, value, and benefits of water play destinations;
  • Identify key water play considerations to help community professionals in their planning, development and long-term sustainability efforts; and
  • List design strategies to address child development, inclusion, and support multigenerational use.

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