Welcome to Recreation & Parks / NRPA's Three Pillars

imageThe field of Recreation and Parks is like no other – Welcome! This session is designed for professionals who are joining this field from other sectors and working in Recreation & Parks for the first time. We’ll look at the big picture of this field and how it impacts the lives of everyone in our community. We’ll explore NRPA’s “The Three Pillars” and dig into the importance that each of those initiatives has on us and our neighbors, plus how you can promote and honor those aspects of Recreation & Parks through your actions as a new professional. Also discuss working with a municipal or tax based system and how this is different from the business sector. You will also learn about amazing resources that can support you in this new career.

Molly Hetrick

Trainer & Coach, Training with Molly

Molly A. Hetrick is a Fundraiser, Instructor, Supervisor and Trainer and is blessed to have several careers that she loves!

Molly has combined her natural enjoyment for working with people and her educational background to provide quality development and training sessions to help clients advance their professional goals. Molly is known for her sunny personality, enthusiasm during presentations and ability to relate to diverse groups of people during high energy training sessions.

Molly is currently the Manager of Philanthropy at the Schlow Centre Region Library in Central Pennsylvania. Her roles include public relations, donor communication, fundraising, stewardship and outreach to support the financial and fundraising goals of the Library and its Foundation. She loves to talk about development and fundraising!
Molly recently started “Training with Molly” to offer training programs on development and fundraising and encourage non-profit and recreation organizations on how fundraising and development fit into staff and board roles.

For 15 years, Molly was the Supervisor of a regional nature center in Pennsylvania. Since 2006, Molly also has worked as a Freelance Trainer for The Meeting Institute in Myrtle Beach and travels to offer training and development sessions at conferences and directly with businesses. She has presented at the National Parks & Recreation Conference since 2008, worked with many professionals in all sectors (with a focus on hospitality and recreation), and helped teams reach their full potential through choosing the right attitude, proper networking, and customer service skills. (Although "Training with Molly" is a new venture, Molly still partners and trains with The Meeting Institute.)

She was also Adjunct Faculty at the Pennsylvania State University for several years and taught Recreation, Parks & Tourism Management class called Commercial Management that prepares juniors and seniors with management skills needed to enter the professional workplace when they graduate.

Molly's favorite training topics include: Networking to teach people how to network professionally with poise and confidence, Civility Training to teach groups how to respect each other and work as a team, and Choose Your Attitude to help individuals develop a strong sense of accountability to themselves and their attitude each day.

Molly lives in Central Pennsylvania. She spends her free time kayaking, reading, practicing yoga, singing and nature journaling. She has lived in Tennessee and Pennsylvania and loves to travel to new places. Molly strives to lead a natural lifestyle and live lightly on the earth through her eco-conscious choices.

Personal Words of Wisdom:
“Don't tell me the sky is the limit, there are footprints on the moon!” ~Unknown

“Molly Hetrick is one of the best presenters in the Park and Recreation field today. She is able to bring cutting edge thinking from the business world and apply it to our field. Her great content, and engaging presence leaves the audience enriched, challenged and energized.”

~Paul Gilbert – Executive Director, Author, and Professor


Welcome to Recreation & Parks: NRPA's Three Pillars
09/25/2018 at 12:45 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
09/25/2018 at 12:45 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes This component contains the live event held September 25, 2018 at the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference. Please test your system prior to accessing this content.
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