NRPA Education "Sprints"


NRPA Education Sprints provide on-the-go learning opportunities for the busy professional. In 20 minutes or less you can learn about the latest trends in parks and recreation and beyond, and gain insight into best practices from across the country. 

Inclusive Aquatic Water Play

This 2019 NRPA Live session provides a quick and basic understanding of the principles of inclusive play and how they can be applied to children's recreational environments. 

Presented by: Mark Williams, CEO and President of RainDrop Products and advocate for inclusive play.

Laugh for the HELP of It!

During winter in Fairbanks, Alaska, there are only a few hours of sunlight during the day - meaning those living there will spend most of their time in the dark. Enter Fairbanks resident Michael Bork and his infectious laughter! In this speed session from the 2019 NRPA Conference, Michael Bork shows the audience the benefits of laughter as a tool and how to incorporate it into your life and work. Laughter doesn't have to be humorous, but it's always going to be a good time.

Why Is Learning How to Play So Difficult?

Having trouble reconnecting with your inner playful spirit? Get some info from Greg Cronin, MPA, CCD, on what play truly is, and how you as an adult can utilize it in this recorded speed session from the 2019 NRPA Conference in Baltimore.

NRPA Sprints Archive

  • Public Playspaces: Guide to Open Safely and Equitably
    Safe spaces to play are critical assets for healthy childhood development for kids. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States earlier this year, most playspaces across the country closed quickly — up to 94 percent were closed in mid-April. Now, as more states and localities lift restrictions, many are reopening playspaces or plan to do so. Those responsible for playspaces must best determine how to keep these spaces safe and ready to use, which requires cleaning guidance, establishing usage limits, supporting physical distancing and educating parents and caregivers about safe use.
  • eSports 101: Just What the Heck is eSports and Why / How Should My Agency Participate In It?
    This session will share insights into the fast growing world of eSports, its participation and revenue growth story, share case studies of agencies who are starting to dip their toes in it and ways in which agencies can consider entering the world of eSports themselves. Speaker: Neelay Bhatt, Vice President, PROS Consulting, LLC
  • Who Rescued Who? Coming to the Rescue of Staff
    In this speed session from the 2019 NRPA Conference, speaker Tiffanie Lai, CPRP, will show you how to support your employees' mental health through potentially stressful situations, how to keep yourself balanced with day-to-day stress, and what makes a mentally healthy environment in a park and rec job.
  • Trend Seekers
    Join us for a high-energy, information-filled, leave-you-with-your-mind-spinning session. First we’ll explore where to find and identify trends. Then we’ll dive into a rapid-fire listing of current trends, hot topics, and potential future trends in a variety of parks and recreation facets. Speaker: Dannielle Wilson, Consultant, DW Recreation Consulting
  • Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods, Oh My - What Would MacGyver Do?
    Presented by Noreen Legault-Mendoza at the 2019 NRPA Conference in Baltimore, MD