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Do you need to earn CEUs fast to maintain your professional certification? NRPA offers the below online learning opportunities with CEU. It is the policy of NRPA that each learner must successfully complete the assessment and attendance requirements to be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a learning event. Learn more about transcripts and access NRPA's CEU Policy here.

Renewing your professional certification:
Looking for CEU credit for a non-NRPA activity?

NRPA accepts CEUs for events held by outside organizations that meet our educational standards. Attendees will need to fill out an NRPA CEU Petition in order to receive credit.

  • Yes, I am attending a non-NRPA event and I would like to petition to earn CEU after successfully completing the event! - Please submit a CEU petition to certification@nrpa.org.
  • Yes, I'm part of an organization that wants to make sure our event can qualify for NRPA credential renewals! - Access NRPA's CEU Policy here or email education@nrpa.org for more information on what constitutes a CEU-worthy event.


NRPA maintains records of every NRPA educational event that awards CEUs for five years after the event. To be eligible to earn CEU credits from NRPA learning events participants must follow all directions and attendance requirements as stated on printed or electronic program material. NRPA provides CEU transcripts electronically through our website. It will take 15 business days* from the end of your event for the CEU information to be posted to your transcript. 

Obtain a Transcript

This will only show a record of your CEUs earned at NRPA educational events, events hosted outside of NRPA must be obtained from the hosting organization. CEUs from the NRPA Annual Conference may take longer to process.


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