Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What if I forgot my password? How do I reset my password?

To lookup or reset your password, please click here.

What is the cost of online learning products and events?

Online learning products may vary in price depending on your membership status. If you are successfully logged into NRPA’s system, the price will display based on your status. Products offering the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) will generally cost $35 per 0.1 CEU for NRPA members and $50 per 0.1 CEU for non-members, although discounts may apply.  

How long are online learning products available for purchase?

Live events: These events take place at a set time and require registration in order to access. 

  • Talks - Live events that are recorded and available as on-demand products that can be purchased for 365 days following the date of the live event. 
  • Sandboxes – Live events that are only accessible on a specific day and time. Sandboxes are not recorded or available on-demand after the live event concludes. 
  • Clinics - Live events that are only accessible on a specific day and time. Clinics are not recorded or available on-demand after the live event concludes. 

On-demand products: Learning products that do not require live interaction or access at a specific time. These products stay available for registration until the program is retired or replaced. 

How long do I have access to items that I have purchased?

  • Most on demand online learning products are available to access for 365 days after purchase.* The product’s expiration date appears on your Learning Dashboard. 
  • Access to Online Learning products with expiration dates cannot be extended. Once a product has been completed, access to that product no longer expires unless the product is retired. Products available for purchase will be updated throughout the year. 
  • *Online prep materials for CPSI certifications are available to access for 180 days after purchase. The product’s expiration date appears on your Learning Dashboard.
  • *Online prep materials for CPRP certifications do not expire and will be accessible until the materials are updated with a new version. Learners will be made aware of the updates and given an allotted period of time to complete their learning products prior to the product being retired. 

One purchase of a certification prep materials course and/or practice exam will last until after the purchase period concludes, whether or not that course is completed. Nothing will be reset within the course during this time. 
• Completed courses allow access indefinitely even after the purchase period concludes. Full, new purchases of that same (already completed) course will only be allowed after 365 days since the original purchase date. 
• Incompleted courses can be repurchased immediately following their expiration. 
• CEU earned for these materials can only be used from one course completion per renewal period for professional certifications/re-certifications. 

How do I obtain a transcript of my history?

To obtain a transcript of your recent NRPA Online Learning history, please log in to your learning dashboard. In the right sidebar, click on "Profile" and select “Official Transcript and Member Profile.” Then select "View my CEUs" to see a full list of your online learning products, certifications, and CEUs, as well as print an official transcript and access certificates. 

How do I obtain a certificate of participation from online products I completed?

Upon completing an NRPA certificate program, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days with a link to print your certificate, or you may download your certificate from your NRPA Member Profile. Select "View my CEUs" to see a full list of your online learning products, certifications, and CEUs, as well as print an official transcript and access certificates. Only certificate programs award certificates upon completion. 

Can I access the courses using a mobile device or tablet?

While we are making every effort to deliver content over the variety of platforms, we do not have the ability to test courses for every platform and combination of browsers and will try our best to provide you the content, but provide no guarantee. Older courses may have difficulty with various systems, whereas the newer courses will likely be compatible with a broader spectrum of devices. Please feel free to contact if you have difficulty with any product and we will be happy to try and troubleshoot any issues.

How do I cancel my registration or get a refund?

All purchases are non-refundable. Please contact NRPA customer service if you would like to receive credit for a different product or if you have questions: 800.626.NRPA (6772) or

How do I make suggestions for possible online learning topics or become a presenter?

Please feel free to pass on any suggestions that you have for future topics or inquiries about presenting to and we will be happy to consider them for future programming.

How do I obtain CEUs from a webinar or other online learning product?

Many of the online learning products are provided for CEU credit. Each may have their own completion requirements, but the process is similar for most learning products: 

  • Register for the learning product 
  • Attend the learning event, view the recording, and/or complete the course modules 
  • Complete any quiz components, knowledge checks, or surveys associated with the course. All quiz components require greater than a 70% to pass. 
  • Credit should issue into your account but sometimes this may take up to 24 hours for processing.

Click here for more information on CEU and NRPA's CEU policy.

Access and Technical Support

How do I access live learning events?

It is always recommended that you register prior to the event through our online learning catalog. Once you complete your registration, access to your learning event will be found in your learning dashboard. There you can select the event, and click on “Enter Meeting" icon on the right of the webpage to view the presentation.

What are the system requirements for accessing a learning event?

Prior to a live event, you should test your web browser to ensure your system is compatible. It is recommended that you use a high speed/broadband internet connection, a PC with Windows, and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher. If you are using a Mac, please use Google Chrome or the Safari web browser. 

If you are accessing a certificate program or certification preparation materials, we ask that you please use Google Chrome on any device. 

I tested my system but am still encountering sound issues.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with web-based events. Most of these issues can be resolved by completing the following steps:

  • Refresh your browser window
  • Log out of the webinar and back in
  • Test your system
  • Attempt a different browser (Chrome tends to work best). There are sometimes issues with Internet Explorer and certain versions of Windows.

How do I access online learning recordings?

If you were previously registered for the live event, simply go to your learning dashboard, select the event, and click on “View Web Content On-Demand" icon on the right of the webpage to view the presentation. The recording should be available soon after the event for your viewing.  

If you wish to view a past event that becomes available on demand, you will have to register for the archived product and it will become available for viewing under your learning dashboard. 

How do I access the presentation resource material?

Please go your learning dashboard, select the event, look under the event title and select "Handouts" or "Resources." Any materials or links supplied by the presenter(s) will be located here.