How to Start Your Nature-Based Solution Journey

Embark upon learning how select park and recreation agencies are reshaping coastal living into a paradigm of resilience. Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary as we invest in natural riparian enhancements within local parks and recreation areas, crafting climate-ready communities that stand strong against the impacts of natural disasters. Learn about dynamic initiatives fostering community engagement and immersive environmental education events. Together, we are not just building communities but creating sustainable, vibrant ecosystems that thrive in the face of change.  

Learning Objectives (2 – 3 learning objectives):   

1. Gain insights into methods for facilitating meaningful community engagement in the context of climate resilience. 

2. Understand the key principles and practices involved in constructing climate-ready coastal communities. 

3. Acquire knowledge on the role of environmental education in building awareness and fostering sustainable practices within coastal communities. 

Barbara Kapustin

Program Manager, Community and Environmental Resiliency

National Recreation and Park Association

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How to Start Your Nature-Based Solution Journey
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