July Premier: Maximizing Your Media Metrics

In the realm of social media, it all starts with content creation. But how do you quantify the results of your posts? It's important to collect data and format it properly for future use and potentially expanding your skills. With more than three years of social media management experience, the leader of this session will provide useful information for beginner-level content creators on formatting your data and understanding what information is most important to glean from with analytics. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Learners will better understand basic analytic terminology and the metrics to track at the beginner level. 

2. Learners will be able to craft summaries of past post-performance data to share with their team. 

3. Learners will gain insight on which overlooked analytics to track and watch to improve content. 

This talk is available for 1 year from release date!

Adam Kelly (he/him/his)

Marketing, Branding, and Design Assistant

City of Goose Creek

Adam Kelly is a two-time award-winning Marketing Assistant for the City of Goose Creek – South Carolina’s eighth-largest municipality. Adam plays a key role in the promotion of City Recreation events, and creates content for a wide range of programs. Specializing in digital photography, social media management and branding, Adam is passionate about creating timely, fun content as he uses his creativity to reach every City resident. 

The 2020 North Greenville University graduate was an intern for the City of Charleston Recreation Department’s marketing team before joining Goose Creek. He enjoys sharing his experiences in parks and recreation, and especially enjoys helping every City reach its potential in leisure, entertainment and recreational messaging.

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