NRPA Splash Pad Certificate: Planning

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As a part of NRPA's Splash Pad Certificate, Planning helps you to define your community needs and expected benefits, assess proposed sites to ensure proper placement, outline a site plan and create a budget plan for design and ongoing maintenance costs for splash pad features. This course provides a directed exploration of the planning process as an agency considers the option of a splash pad feature for a park.
After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define community needs and expected benefits;
  • Assess proposed site to ensure proper placement;
  • Outline a site plan; and
  • Create budget plans for design and ongoing maintenance costs

The certificate includes four online courses, each focused on key areas of the implementation and operation of splash pad facilities. To receive your Splash Pad Certificate, you must complete each of the four courses. While anyone may sign up for this planning course, you must be currently AFO or CPO certified to enroll for the Operations and Maintenance courses within this certificate program.

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