September Premier: Don't Just Sit There! Start Planning Equitable Special Events

This presentation addresses how to build special events equitably throughout the entire process; it is suitable for professionals at the start of their careers or for those looking to increase their knowledge base. Drawing from expertise in both programming and special event planning, the presenter will deliver a clear roadmap and planning checklist for special events and equitable decision making. Learners will gain a deeper understanding of the topic, empowering them to apply their newfound knowledge confidently in real-world scenarios. 

This talk is available for 1 year from release date!

Learning Objectives: 

1. The learners will be able to define what special event equity means in parks and recreation and use that definition throughout the planning process.

2. Learners will recognize the various elements that contribute to special event equity, such as accessibility, representation, diversity, inclusion and cultural sensitivity. 

3. Learners will be able to apply principles of special event equity to the design, implementation and evaluation of future events, considering factors such as venue selection, programming, communication and resource allocation. 

Amanda D'Agostino (she/her)

Special Events Coordinator

City of Evanston Parks and Recreation

Amanda D'Agostino is a dedicated Special Event Coordinator with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences and a talent for meticulous planning. With four years of hands-on experience in the realm of special events, she has honed her skills in orchestrating a diverse range of occasions, from fundraising events to community gatherings in parks and recreation settings. Amanda's approach to event coordination is distinguished by her commitment to equity and inclusivity, ensuring that each event is tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the community it serves.

Currently serving as a Special Event Coordinator for the City of Evanston Parks and Recreation Department, Amanda oversees a dynamic portfolio of over 80 events of various scales. Her responsibilities include liaising with stakeholders, securing permits and venues, coordinating vendors and entertainment, and managing budgets to ensure the successful realization of each event.

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