Leadership Certificate Package

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The NRPA Leadership Certificate provides park and recreation professionals practical and applicable methods for taking themselves and their agency to the next level. This four-course online certificate program builds a foundation for professionals aspiring to leadership roles. Whether you come from a large or small agency, the NRPA Leadership Certificate prepares you to handle any decision that comes your way. 

Who Should Enroll?

Park and recreation professionals aspiring toward or currently working in senior management and leadership roles.

Course Details and Registration

To earn your Leadership Certificate and 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), you must complete all four online courses. These courses expand upon the leadership foundation you have already developed and provide you with a deep dive into the concepts that make good leaders great.

Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, the Leadership Certificate offers a robust online learning opportunity designed for maximum flexibility. The certificate can be purchased as a full package or individual courses. The course, Strategic Thinking, is available for free.

Full Certificate CEUs: 1.2 

Strategic Thinking

Take a deeper dive into creating a strategy-focused organization. Learn how to develop and implement a strategy at your organization and redefine how you think about, assess and view the future.

Human Capital Management

Gain a better understanding of human capital management and methods for achieving a good return on investment from employees. Learn how to create an effective organizational culture and how to develop effective teams within your organization.

Operational Leadership

Explore best practices for creating and measuring effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability in park and facility operations.

Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Explore the importance of developing a diverse, equitable and ethical workplace. Learn how to design an inclusive environment for your organization both internally and externally.